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Televes Diginova Aerial with Automatic Signal Adjust.

Intelligent randomized antenna with automatic signal adjustment







Bullet Intelligent radomized antenna with automatic signal adjustment.
Bullet Ideal for DTT and HD Radio (IBOC) reception.
Bullet Built-in UHF amplfier with BOSS Technology that automatically controls the output level.
Bullet High gain antenna with UHF Yagi configuration and a FM/VHF dipole.
Bullet The UHF aerial has a 10-element Yagi structure, consisting of a reflector, a dipole and 8 directors on a last-generation printed circuit board.
Bullet Easy set-up with a special back piece that doubles as clamp and reflector and enhances / eases the installation for both vertical and horizontal polarization.
Bullet Radomized antenna protected by an UV resistent radome made of high quality ABS plastic. The watertight set isolates the antenna with an IP22 protection index.



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