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Johansson 5 in 8 Out Cascadable M'Switch: Active Terr

Johansson 9156

MSR 508 multiswitch has 4 inputs for a quatro lnb and 1 terrestrial input.
The multiswitch provides 8 completely independent outputs carrying satellite and terrestrial signals.
The multiswitch is for internal use only.


Radial structure
Cable loss correction
Groups of outlets with different output levels
Isolation between inputs better than 30dB
Possibility of using terrestrial TV preamplifier
Built-in power supply
LNB powering via H lines

The following voltages occur at inputs of the multiswitch:

12 V DC at terrestrial signal input, suitable for powering an antenna preamplifier.
The device is powered with 220-240V AC power network.
All obligatory precautions for working with dangerous live voltages should be obeyed.
Unused inputs of multiswitches have to be closed with terminal resistors with blocking capacitors.


Product Category
Multi Switch


Manufacturer SKU
Johansson 9156
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