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Inverto Multibox SAT>IP Server

Set Top Box allows 4 independent users to watch free to air satellite channels on their mobile and tablet devices.


Inverto's Sat>IP Set Top Box allows 4 independant users to watch free to air satellite channels on their mobile and tablet devices. Compatible with Unicable Quad LNB meaning one cable from the dish. Used in conjuntion with the Sat>IP App available on android and apple  devices.


The airscreen Server™ is a fully compliant and certified SAT>IP Server with 4 tuners. The airscreen Server™ can receive up to 4 transponders and stream selected SD/HD TV & Radio programs to 4 Client devices over LAN/WLAN allowing users to watch live satellite TV on their tablets, smart phones, smart TVs, game consoles and connected video player devices with compatible software/application. �


The airscreen Server� streams out programs that were selected by the SAT>IP Clients and maintains encryption (for pay-TV channels) intact. The airscreen Server� features a DLNA/UPnP-compatible Server mode that allows DLNA/UPnP Client devices and applications (that are not SAT>IP compatible Clients) such as DLNA-compatible TVs or Media Players to access the Live satellite TV and Radio streams over the LAN/WLAN too. DLNA/UPnP Clients access and navigate through live TV programs using a channel list provided by the airscreen Server�. The channel list can be edited/exported/imported through the device�s configuration and management menus which are accessible over a simple and intuitive web interface. Through its built in DLNA/UPnP compatible server, the airscreen Server� will soon be able to turn a connected USB drive into a network media share for the Client devices to access around the home or set as a local network PVR.


The airscreen Server� can be connected to the home LAN/WLAN router/access point over its Ethernet port via an Ethernet cable or through a HomePlug AV or PLC (Ethernet over power line) adaptors. The development of the SAT>IP protocol was led by SES-Astra for its customers who are seeking to benefit from the increasing popularity of tablet and smart phone devices and address the change in how viewers consume their TV content and their ultimate demand for TV anywhere on any screen. Apart of the initial satellite version, terrestrial and cable front ends are coming soon. �



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