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Inverto 8-Way UnicableII Multiswitch for SkyQ


The Multiswitch unit connects to a Quattro LNB and offers a terrestrial input port to connect a terrestrial antenna for reception of UHF/DAB/radio broadcasts. The terrestrial signal can be amplified through a dedicated ON/OFF switch and is combined over each of the 8 output ports.

The Multiswitch unit can be powered through a DC input port, any of the trunk output lines or from the STB. output ports (typically using a Sky power inserter device). In typical cascaded MDU installations, the DC voltage supplied over the DC in or trunk output lines is passed through to the trunk input lines in order to power the LNB. Whereby the STB DC pass to LNB trunk switch must be set to OFF. 

To help the installer ensure at the time of installation that the unit’s power supply is sufficient to support a full load in the future i.e. 8x SkyQ STBs, the Multiswitch features a special power diagnosis test mode that is triggered automatically upon unit startup. During this 15 second test, the multiswitch will operate in full load and will light the power-diagnosis led in green if the unit is supplied with sufficient power or in amber if not.

A status led, located next to each output port, indicates the operating mode of the port (Legacy=solid green, Sky dSCR=blinking green, Power diagnosis=blinking red/green). 

While this Multiswitch is also Receiver Powered A PSU is reccomeneded Link :


Technical specifications
Frequency range: satellite 950 MHz ~ 2150 MHz
Frequency range: terrestrial 40 MHz ~ 790 MHz
Inputs 4x Satellite IF inputs from Quattro LNB
1x DTT/DAB/FM input from Terrestrial antenna
Outputs 4x loopthrough satellite IF outputs*
1x loopthrough terrestrial output
8x Sky dSCR (16UBs) / SatCR / Legacy auto-detect 
ports with combined Terrestrial signal
Input power range -50 dBm ~ -5 dBm (58 dBμV ~ 103 dBμV)
Output signal level (AGC) -25 dBm (83 dBμV)
RF isolation: satellite/terretsrial (input) 30 dB min.
RF isolation: satellite/satellite (input) 30 dB min.
RF isolation: satellite ch/ch (UBs, output) 30 dB min.
Loop-through loss: satellite 4 dB
Loop-through loss: terrestrial 8 dB @ 400 MHz ~ 600 MHz (12 dB max.) (loss) [amplification=OFF]
+11 dB @ 400 MHz ~ 600 MHz (+7 dB min.) (gain) [amplification=ON]
Gain: Unicable II™ (dCSS) output (out of AGC) 25 dB min
Gain: terrestrial signal -19 dB @ port 4 over 400 MHz ~ 600 MHz (-25 dB min.) [amplification = OFF]
+1 dB @ port 4 over 400 MHz ~600 MHz (-9 dB min.) [amplification = ON]
* 1 dB difference between adjacent ports, -1 dB from port 1 through to port 8
Integrated phase noise 1.5 degrees max.
Control protocols Sky dSCR (Sky Q), SatCR (Sky+), Legacy 13 V/18 V + 0 kHz/22 kHz, DiSEqC1.x/DiSEqC2.0, EN50494/EN50607
Legacy port switching V/L => 13 V/0 kHz , V/H => 13 V/22 kHz 
H/L => 18 V/0 kHz , H/H => 18 V/22 kHz
Input/Output impedance 75 Ω (F-type)
Input/Output VSWR 2.5 : 1
LNB power supply 500 mA max. @ 18 VDC
Power consumption 1200 mA @ 19 VDC (no load)
Working temperature -20 °C ~ +50 °C
IP protection IP54
Product dimensions (W x D x H) 21 cm x 14.6 cm x 3.7 cm
Weight 500 g
Unicable II™ (dCSS) port specifications
User band (channel) bandwidth 46 MHz
User band (channel) gain ripple 3 dB max.
User band (channel) frequencies Sky UK (dSCR) User Bands
  CH3: 1680 MHz
  CH9: 1280 MHz
  CH11: 1380 MHz
  CH14: 1480 MHz
  CH15: 980 MHz
  CH16: 1030 MHz
  CH17: 1080 MHz
  CH18: 1130 MHz
  CH19: 1530 MHz
  CH20: 1580 MHz
  CH21: 1630 MHz
  CH22: 1730 MHz
  CH23: 1780 MHz
  CH24: 1830 MHz
  CH25: 1880 MHz
  CH 26: 1930 MHz
  EN50494/EN50607 User Bands
  CH 1: 1210 MHz (EN 50494)
  CH 2: 1420 MHz (EN 50494)
  CH 3: 1680 MHz (EN 50494)
  CH 4: 2040 MHz (EN 50494)
  CH 5: 985 MHz (EN 50607)
  CH 6: 1050 MHz (EN 50607)
  CH 7: 1115 MHz (EN 50607)



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