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AV Link ADD-01W Audio Delay Unit


The ADD-01W connects to the analog and digital audio signal from your source equipment (DVD player, satellite, cable… etc.) to your AV receiver. With the simple interface of ADD-01W, the audio delay time can be adjusted so that sound and picture are perfectly synchronized. Up to 2700ms (2.7 second) error can be corrected. The digital audio signal is reproduced bit-perfect so no loss of audio quality is incurred. Also the ADD-01W can convert the audio from analog to digital, or from digital to analog with a simple select button.

  • Max Audio Delay time 2.7 second is sported with all the sample rate. (32K / 44.1K/ 48K / 96K / 192KHz)
  • Audio delay adjustment scale is 10ms
  • Supports 2-channel linear PCM digital audio
  • Supports compressed audio format signal. , when select digital audio input to digital audio output

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