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64/128 Channel 2U 8HDDs Ultra series Network Video Recorder 12MP

Dahua NVR608-64-4KS2|16-channel decoding@1080p (30 fps); self-adaptive decoding capability

New 4.0 user interface
Access, storage or forwarding at 384 Mbps
Simultaneous video output for VGA and HDMI1; 4K heterogeneous output for the 2 HDMI ports
Supports RAID 0/1/5/10Multiple data mode such as Raid0, Raid1, Raid5, Raid6, and Raid10
Remote configuration and management of IPCs, such as setting pa rameters, acquiring information and upgrading IPCs of the same model in batches
AI-by-camera functions such as perimeter protection, face detection and recognition, SMD Plus, video metadata, ANPR and 3D behavior analysis
N+M cluster. When the host fails, the standbydevice will continue to record; once the host recovers,video recorded on the standby device will be transmitted back


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Surveillance DVR Kits


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